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. >> reporter: most of the lockerbie bombing were american and on u.s. television last night the condemnation of this prisoner release was clear, before al megrahi even arrived home the state department announced it had put pressure on the libyan government. >> i think obviously in light of the release, we have had a number of conversations with the government of libya. obviously, he will move back to libya, and we certainly believe that as a convicted criminal, he's not entitled to a hero's welcome. >> reporter: diplomatic relations between libya and the u.s. which had been improving could now be threatened by these scenes. this year is the 40th anniversary of the al fatah revolution in libya and colonel gadhafi is clearly using al megrahi's return as a propaganda coup despite the fact that this man is a convicted murderer who is terminally ill and expected to die within three months. >> that was james blake of itn reporting. >>> the british aren't just talking about how unhappy they are about the way the libyans handled ali al megrahi's return home. they may be prepared to do something abou
ago, candidate obama traveled to europe and said that he was not appearing as a candidate for u.s. president but as a fellow citizen of the world. mr. obama sees the world under his leadership as an active and interactive player as part of the international community. apparently the international community believes that we are and obama sees himself on center stage of that grade world amphitheater. the effect of this transformation is that america's popularity is now soaring. the percent of germans who viewed the u.s. favorably today is 64%, up 31% from 2008 poll. to the pugh, global the u.k., 69%, up from g last year. the french three-quarters, 75% of frenchmen now see america favorably versus 42% in 2008. so what is the big lever that has moved the seesaw of america's popularity so radically upward? acknowledgement of world citizenship? yes. but was it also this public apologetic admission by president obama? >> in america, there's a failure to appreciate europe's leading role in the world. instead of celebrating your dynamic union and seeking to partner with you to meet common
. the allegations in clear, that donald rahm spelled -- rumsfeld wanted to use the color-coded threats system for political gain. in reference to the advice to americans to cover their homes in saran wrap secured by duct tape in the event of a biochemical attack, former justice department official said -- rich himself contradicts his own claim that he had been pressured, riding -- apparently, the white house did not call. elsewhere, he wrote that he was never directed to raise the tariff threat level "no matter how many analysts, pundits, or critics say so." bret: president obama today called the recession -- called the release of the pan am 103 bummer highly objectionable. his press secretary of -- described video of his welcome as offensive to those who lost loved ones on the flight, which was blown out of the sky over lockerbie, scotland, in 1988. he was freed because he has terminal prostate cancer. libyan authorities are keeping him out of sight to avoid hurting what was their steadily improving relationship with the u.s. the justice department is looking into whether military defense la
. i'm betty nguyen. >> hello. i'm t.j. holmes. grad you could start your day with us. the president is talking about what he calls the myths about his health care plan. >> and then what to do with the prisoners at guantanamo bay. there is outrage from some communities saying no, no, not in our backyard. >> also this morning a story that's rocking the sports world right now. >> take a good look, folks. >> people are wondering is this a male or female athlete. it's a crazy key bait going on right now about that international track star's gender. we're going to get into that story this morning. >> but first we want to talk about big bad bill. hurricane bill, whips up powerful waves. look at this. actually some dangerous rip currents passing between bermuda and the east coast of the mainland u.s. although it's not going to hit the main land, we are told, though, it is bringing 150-mile-per-hour winds and offshore waves up to 20-feet high. there are warnings out there today for boaters. also u.s. beaches are a little jammed this weekend because it's one of the last weekends of the summer
union. that is the "fox report." i will see you tomorrow. thank you for having us in your home. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute mike: "the o'reilly factor," is on. >> we want to make sure he is not welcome back. mike: the president is left with egg in his face. he was given a hero's welcome. we will have analysis of this outrageous situation. >> millions of people of faith are supporting health insurance reform. >> members of congress, will you? >mike: summer trying to sell obama care on a religious basis. >> there are people in life who i think our karma compromises. mike: dennis miller for some tough talk on nancy pelosi. >> we will start setting out people's first amendment rights. mike: caution, you are about to enter the "no spin zone." "the o'reilly factor," starts right now. hello, i'm mike huckabee reporting for bill o'reilly. the convicted terrorist is the subject of the "talking points memo." here are images of people cheering the return of a murderer. he killed people over lockerbie , sc
>> this is the view of the u.s. capitol from robert novak's patio. did this give you inspiration when you were writing about the book? >> it always gives me inspiration of the capitol and the city where i have been over 50 years now. >> you looked on pennsylvania avenue, how has it changed since you came here 50 years ago? >> it's changed tremendously. just where we are now, there was a department store and we had a lot of crummy little stores and shops and two-story buildings and the great visionary who changed pennsylvania avenue was pat moynihan who lives in this building just up there in the next apartment under the pennsylvania avenue project, so it is much more like pierre l'enfant, the designer of washington wanted to be diprete avenue of the republic instead of something that looked like a fair rate provincial town. .. and see the great independence and the constitution prevents these so easily across the street from all those major documents? >> that is the justice department. she and her body guards used to walk over, it used to walk to the justice department every morn
later. join us on "the situation room" from 4:00 to 6:00 p.m. every weekday and on sundays from 6:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. >>> first up, a major hurricane scrapes the northeast for the first time in years and the first family heads into the path of the storm. >>> global outrage, imagine the guy who blew your loved ones up on an airplane and he is released from prison early to a hero's welcome. how compassionate is that? >>> war zone at home, gangs and thugs run rampant, families lose children it seems every day, but they refuse to be victims. can we save chicago's deadly streets? hello, i'm don lemon, weakening but still dangerous. that is the tropical storm warnings and huge waves are crashing into east coast beaches this hour. bermuda felt the punch earlier with power outages. this weekend could be a deadly one for east coast beachgoers who venture into the dangerous rip currents spawned by the storm. straight now to jacqui jeras, keeping a close watch on it all. >> the waves have been incredible today, we have seen lots of video of surfers and crashing waves and the threat of rip curren
for us and most importantly tell us why it matters and what it really means for you. thanks for being here. appreciate it. >> of course, poppy. the big news this week about health care reform was whether or not the public option, which is basically government sponsored health care as an option has to be a part of health care reform. obama proposed it and then there were some questions as to whether or not he was backing away. here's what secretary of health and human services kathleen sebelius had to say. >> here's the bottom line. absolutely nothing is changed. we continue to support the public option. that will help lower costs, give american consumers more choice, and keep private insurers honest. if people have other ideas about how to accomplish these goals we'll look at those too but the public option is a very good way to do this. >> so, poppy, what it sounds like she's saying is we like the public option here in the white house but it's not a deal breaker. >> elizabeth, what exactly is a public option? there is so much debate about what it is and what it isn't. >> right. i thi
susteren. thank you for being with us. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute greta: speaker pelosi is going to box steny hoyer's years. did you hear what he said? the president is getting slammed with some new numbers. protesters take to the streets over health care. this is no town hall. angry people calling for a boycott of whole foods because the ceo of the company dared to disagree with our president. did we do all we could, the libyan terrorist blew up 270 people and now the killer is home. he is relaxing with his family. he only served 8 years. that is less than 14 days for every person that he killed. john bolten tells us how this happened. first, the democrats seem to be tripping over themselves in the house. nancy pelosi said she cannot pass a health-care bill without a public auction. today, steny hoyer doesn't change. he says the public option might have to go. who was on first? the inability of the leaders to get on the same page can be nothing but bad news for president obama. according to a
law enforcement officers tells us the remains were so badly mutilated investigators had to use the serial numbers on her breast implants to identify her. her nude body was found in a dumpster behind an apartment complex. she was stuffed inside a suitcase. an arrest warrant was issued thursday for reality tv contestant ryan jenkins who is from canada. nancy grace talked to a royal canadian mounted police official about the search there. >> straight out to sergeant duncan with royal canadian mounted police. he joins us from vancouver. thank you for being with us. sergeant, i understand many authorities believe he is hiding in the metro vancouver area. why do they believe that? >> well, at this point i guess, nancy, some of the original indicators were that he might be attempting to enter canada. at this point we haven't confirmed that he is in canada, but we are obviously not taking any chances and ordering a thorough investigation to figure out if he is here. >> jenkins and fiore were married in march. cnn has been unable to confirm reports that marriage was annulled. >>> the in
in uniform. thanks for being with us tonight. tonight. >>> up next is "campbell brown." -- captions by vitac -- >>> hey there, everybody. a lot of ground to cover tonight, but we'll start as we always do with the "mash-up." it is, of course, our look at the stories making an impact right now, the moments you may have missed today. don't have to. some new information, and just-released audio recordings give a new window into just how boneheaded some decisions were by airport workers in rochester, minnesota, earlier this month. you remember this story, an express jet flight diverted because of bad weather pap 47 passengers locked on the plane for hours. well, today, federal officials cleared the plane's crew. the captain tried to get those passengers off. >> i need to tell them something. i can't sit here any longer. >> there's no food, and it's just getting really unhappy. and the problem is that the terminal is closed here. and they won't let them get off because the terminal's closed. so, we're stuck here with no lavs, no nothing, no food. what can i tell these people who are
. there was a fire at a median security prison just south of lexington housing 1,200 inmates. guards had to use tear gas to get the prisoners under across. eight inmates and eight staff workers were injured but no one had to be admitted to the hospital. >> right now we're happy to report to you that the facility is secure, the inmates are accounted for. we had minimal injuries which are still being assessed to the inmates. and as far as we know right now, minimal if any injuries right now to any staff or department of corrections personnel. >> state police haven't said why the inmates rioted. the prison have been on lockdown when the inmates -- prison officials decided to relax that shortly before the rioting started. >>> as long as they're in lifelong and monogamous same-sex relationships, gays and lesbians can serve as clergy in the lutheran church. the previous policy of the church allowed gays to serve as members of professional rosters only if they were celibate. gays and lesbians recht about 2% of the population. >>> we have learned new details about the killing of a former swimsuit model in c
. and joining us now from scotland, the scotland justice secretary kenny mccaskill. did he kill 270 people? >> yes, he was convicted by a scottish court. >> is it normal procedure in scotland, that someone, a convicted mass murder who gets cancer is free to go home to his wife and family. >> thankfully in scotland we don't have many convicted mass murderers and this crime devastated our country as it did people in the united states and elsewhere. >> is there any precedent in scotland, where a mass murder, someone who killed 270 people in cold blood has been freed to go home to his wife and family because he's suffering from canner? >> this crime is unprecedented in our small country. it's actually the worst atrocity, terrorist atrocity ever perpetrated anywhere within the united kingdom so it's a circumstance that has never happened before and i hope that it's a circumstance that will never reoccur. >> are there precedents where murderers, just regular murderers, someone who killed someone in cold blood, and served only a very small persian of his or her sentence has been freed to go home
for children. although i think he used to be a lot funnier when he was a republican. it took in $2,000. the senator may be going back to scenes like those town hall meetings. >>> this is a fox news alert. hurricane bill churning off the east coast as it surges north over the atlantic. hello, everyone. i'm gregg jarrett. welcome to a brand-new hour of america's news headquarters. >> hurricane bill creating rough waves. the storm is losing some strength. it's now downgraded to a category 1 storm. as it's moving a little north over cooler waters. safety officials in new england are urging extreme caution for folks in the area as bill is drawing near. domenica davis is in the fox weather center with the latest. hi. >> yes, this advisory came in, they have downgraded bill to a category 1, which is good news because it's 300 miles to the south of nantucket and that means it will make a pass to the east of the island late this evening, tomorrow. heavy swell also start to move in. that will be the name of the game, heavy rain bands moving through and as we've been looking at the pictures,
york university. good morning. >> good morning. >> host: thank you for being with us. you have tracked the obama administration, their changeover in power and how things are going, give us a sense of how the public is feeling about president obama right now. >> well, it has been a bad 100 days for the obama administration. pretty upbeat and lots of things happening the first 100 days. really rolling forward with the stimulus package and so forth, but the second 100 days have been tough. his approval ratings are down. there's bitter, emerging fight over healthcare, obviously. i think that in many ways he's given too much power to the house and the senate. too much hour to nancy pelosi, speaker of of the house, and harry reid, the senate majority leader, to push legislation forward. he hasn't exerted the powers of the presidency really to push this debate forward on a plan that he favors. he's quite equivocal on healthcare from week to week. do we require a government option? do we not? he's flip-flopped on that issue. this is a pretty tough time for him and unless he comes out of the au
to free the lockerbie bomber and reaction from the former leader of the investigation, here in the u.s. >> a present inferno. fire consumes a kentucky prison in the midst of a massive riots. now investigators want to know how the prison descended into chaos. >> plus a victim of its own success. as the cash for clunkers program speeds to its monday cut off, folks across the country are racing to the dealer hoping for a last minute bargain. but some are finding out it's already too late. >> julie: a "fox news" whether alerts. the first atlantic hurricane of the season for the off the east coast tonight churning up rough seas and recurrence. hurricane bill will likely not make landfall here in the u.s. but it is still packing or the forceful winds reaching up to 85 mph. it is ruining one of the last vacation weekends of the summer. one of the states being hit forces of massachusetts. resident obama is traveling there tomorrow with his family. the obama specification on barthes vineyard. so far the white house has not said whether the hurricanes will affect their plans. our dominica davis
>>>p >>> hurricane bill lo strengp strength overnigf beaches in the u.s. tr tp the impathe impac peop people living along > n libphis victimhis vic voicivoicingp voicing ouvr release. anp u.s. a showishowinp showing dissh wr was welcomed home>>. separated when they were young long-lolong-losp long-lost together. ther thetheir emotional. welcome welcome tor we. hop hope you are having rw hendricks starting with the weather at this hour hurricane bip bill lobill lost strer forecastep forecasters wfo categop categorycategory maximp maximmaximum sustaind categop categorycategory maximp maximmaximum sustai miles per hour. outrouter bandp outer b alreap already droppialreada whep where high surf from t ip is poundiis pounding lo. t o u.s. the national weather service sap says dangerous surf co wip will last through the . ap and the national hurric centcenter 9 ntncea b coul streng!en it passes betwee rdanhudthu. coast. >>>r >9 >>> bem!rmy eed bermuda's weather service isca aleralertp alert, remaalerh tropictropical storm warning r in effect there. forecasteforecasters say p
stunning development, jenkins takes the coast guard on a high-speed chase escaping the u.s. by speedboat. we uncover jenkins' history of violence, a pattern of abusing women. with each passing hour, we piece together a time line leading up to fiori's murder as stunning photos surface of fiori and jenkins living it up at a luxury vegas hotel seemingly in love just before fiori's brutal murder. we now know jenkins has a pilot's license. we eluded u.s. police, canadian mown tauntie mounties, and to him, money is no object. where he is tonight? anybody's guess. >>> we now have a warrant for the arrest of ryan alexander jenkins for the murder of jasmine. >> a reality tv contestant ont the run now charged with the gruesome killing of a swimsuit body. the mutilated body of jasmine fiori was found stuffed in a suitcase in a trash bin. >> the question was about mutilation, and the fingers and teeth were removed. >> and they said at the press conference that i don't think that anybody was prepared to hear that, and you could hear the gasping in the background and the family members crying. this pe
be a good time for mr. ridge to use his emergency duct tape. frances townsend, a cnn national security adviser and political contributor paul begala. do you believe tom ridge is trying to sell books here? >> absolutely. i will tell you, anderson, it is interesting to me. secretary napolitano, the current secretary asked a bipartisan group to consider suggestions to improve the terror alert system. i'm co-chairing that group. we asked for secretary ridge to express his -- see the group, talk to us and express his concerns or suggestions. that was less than three weeks ago. he never mentioned concern about politicization. >> in 2005 he said publicly and it was quoted in "usa today" at the time though people didn't pay much attention, more often than not we were the least inclined to raise it. sometimes we disagreed with intelligence assessments. sometimes when the intelligence was good you don't necessarily put the country on alert. there were times when people were aggressive about raising it and we said, for that? clearly, he was expressing divisions. he didn't talk about politics in p
is expected to miss the u.s. mainland, beaches along the east coast began preparing for his side effects friday. many are closed to swimmers from new york's long island through new england. the high wavers are a favorite of sur experience. but the rip currents generated by hurricane are particularly dangerous. >> water and waves will be un-- even for strong swimmers. all the beaches on nan you can the and several beaches on the vein injured and outer cape are or will be closed. >> what began in the northeast as an inconvenience is expected to end with heavy rains and sustained winds of between 30 to 50 miles per hour. and will bill come ashore. >> we do believe it will make landfall east of hal, if and move across the southern part of nova scotia. >> residents there are making last minute preparations for bill's unwelcome arrival. stephanie sy, abc news. >>> the latest now on the two teens police say were involved in that racially motivated beating earlier this week. 16-year-old zachary watson and 17-year-old emanuel miller remain behind bars. yesterday the pair was denied bail. both fac
is the necessary useful and very important aspect of this, but we're going to have to see because there are many other important aspects of the bill, as well. >> further complicating things, democratic negotiators say there is no support for option in their body. three democrats and three republicans on the senate finance committee were trying to negotiate. they have until september 15 to come up with plan. if they miss the plan democratic leaders will who have without them and get the passage with no republican votes. >> gregg: thanks. i'm gregg jarrett. now back to war stories and for all your headlines, all you have to do is log on to you're watching fox news, most powerful name in news. >> julie: no one is immune to it. among those seduced by the lifestyle, are beauty queens, cops and politicians. it's been called a narco insurgency, gun fights among heavily armed gun car tells have killed thousands. violence has spiraled out of control and threatened to spill across our border. narco terrorists have infiltrated 230 american cities. one of them is this person on interview. they
. it is reasonable to declare that the worst of the crisis is behind us and that the first signs of global growth have appeared. back to the phone for the independent. >> ben bernanke and the bankers were optimistic. wondering why anyone would believe. unemployment rising. they did nothing good in sight other than inflation. turn down your television or radio. >> ok. there you go. >> ok. i'm here. ok. what i would like to say is i feel like the economy is doing great. president obama is basically making things better for more people. the republicans to say it was basically stag nent for the top 1% of society. theyer saying we'll sacrifice many for the sak of the economy such as the big corporations. now, you are seeing -- if you look at the surveys and things people are talking about votes. i'm optimistic myself. i'm going to open up a business. it has been owned and ran by people who were running on credit. things are bottoming out and flipping over. this is a reason why a lot of moin or thes and different type of people they are dealing their own businesses and empowering themselves. jo der rem
the prison coming your way. >>> a foreign bank will take over the latest u.s. bank to fail. this is the first time that that has happened. dbva compass out of spain has shot compass bank. >>> today begins the holy month of ramadan. jews are fasting sunrise to sunset, the 30-day observance, the holiest time of the year for muslims. today through september 20th. >>> let's get back to big, bad bill. hurricane bill. isn't forecast to hit the mainland u.s., good news, but still having a huge effect on boaters and beachgoers. take a listen tho this. >> this is bermuda. sustained winds of 105 miles per hour. that number could be updated by the time i talk to reynolds wolf. is that number still accurate, 105-mile-per-hour winds? >> 105 is what we have. i can tell you that is an update we get like say once every three hours. there will be a fluctuation. these storms rarely maintain the same power he tall the time. it will ebb and flow. where is it headed? the path is favorable for people in bermuda. they're getting heavy wave action and for the eastern seaboard, though they'll get heavy waves and rip
more books than i can read. thank you very much for joining us. the next person is a director of sovereign ratings at standard and pork and responsible for the sovereign analysis with -- for the latin american group, and teaches part time at columbia university. she worked at the federal reserve board of governors in washington. let me say that the job of the sovereign ratings is to put all of this into a single member, which is not so easy to do. it takes an incredible amount of analysis. and finally, a senior fellow at the inter-american dialogue. he works on a wide range of issues. he has been traveling a lot to his home country of argentina. he served as the chief of the latin america western hemisphere program at the international monetary fund. welcome back to the dialogue. he will start us off, also he has written a paper on mexico, which he sounds a little bit like a pessimist. >> think you very much. in deference to your very strong feelings, the oi will now a power pointpoint. this is a great opportunity. we are extremely knowledgeable. when i used to go on mission t
taking care of last-minute preparations. "news 4's" jane watrel joining us now with more on this story. jane, good morning. >> reporter: well, good morning, eun. roy an exciting place this is this morning. people are beautifying this school and hundreds of others around the city and joining me now is chancellor michelle rhee. this has to be kind of a fun thing as chancellor to go around and see all this. >> it is. it's very fun. every weekend before the beginning of school we have beautification day. so this is the third one since i've been in office. and it's really exciting. because i think it just gets everybody really pumped up. we invite the community in so that everybody in the neighborhood, whether they have children or not knows that monday is the first day of school. and as you can see from the folks here at tubman, we have a lot of people volunteering. >> reporter: yeah. i'm told up to 100. now, what does this do for the morale of the students to see the flowers and have the clean schools? is that all part of it? >> oh, absolutely. when i talk to kids about coming to school,
xm radio that is in the car listening to it or when he's working out. his not wanting us. just a reminder to us you can actually does have one serious and xm radios. ought to mention that. >> alysin: was a horrible attack in baghdad this week. 1000 people possibly injured, 100 people killed. did u.s. troops start to pull out of iraq too soon russian ark is this evidence of that? we have colonel ollie north on who has an interesting take on the violence that. >> dave: dr. mike is coming out what's he talking about. >> clayton: sudden infant death syndrome is a concern of experience. he will talk about it medical breakthrough this year that could help parents get a good nights sleep and prevent sudden death and ten syndrome a device equipped red pepper. he will tell us about that. >> alysin: it would really help parents. give them peace of mind. >> dave: we start this morning with continued health-care debate and it seems opposition to the healthcare plan is dramatically on the rise. a new poll out from abc news washington post reports that 50% of people are now opposed to obama'
with the american public and layout his healthcare plan. tell us exactly what he wants. then he can go to the wall with his public approval, his support in congress and push forward on that plan, make it it clear what's in it and what is not in it and then get into the negotiations with the house and the senate. >> host: is it too late, when has the train left the station? >> guest: well, you are letting the opponents of healthcare, of of the obama plan if there is one, concrete in form. you are letting the opponents define what it it is and they are very good at it it. just as democrats are very good at painting republicans into a corner, the republicans, conservatives are very good at painting the president into a corner. so what's happening is that they're punching at every possibility, every possible component of the plan and the president has yet to say, this is what i favor and here is the bill that i favor. he's letting these bills move through congress. they got this in them and that in them. you had a caller earlier who said he's read the entire bill. good for him. he can't find anythin
mainland in the u.s. everybody felt great, but still you can't just breathe a sif relief here. still things to watch out for. >> absolutely. look at big picture, you're right. this is really a good thing. the storm actually, at least appears, it's going to miss mainland. mainland usa. show you the big picture for a moment and give you up to date details. the storm weakened since the last update. rite now, 100 miles per hour. gusts up to 120. and this part of the screen, the storm's actually leaving bermuda. still having heavy surf action. the storm making its way up towards the canadian maritime expected to veer off to the north and northeast. look at this. latest path, the national hurricane center bricks it farther north. o'8:00 p.m. saturday, and sunday morning and afternoon, evening, veering off to the northeast and the as it does so affecting the canadian maritimes. currently we have tropical storm watching in effect for parts of nova scotia, possibly making landfall as a storm or hurricane into sunday and monday. as you talked about, issues, though, in parts of the eastern seaboard. n
-- attack deemed attempted murder by prosecutors. detectives scanned the woods and came up empty. u.s. marshals joined the search and thursday night a tip led them to a home outside richmond. marshals found champagne's brother and other family members but it took several sweeps to turn up the fugitive. >> they looked at the house, it looked different, they peeled back the wall, and the gentleman was in there. >> howard county officials are trying to figure out how he staged an escape while handcuffed and shackled in the back of a car. >> this man was desperate, he didn't want to be placed in the county jail, and he decided to escape. >> we have not had the time to do a review if there was policy failure or violations. some of our deputy sheriff's cars have protective barriers in them. others do not. >> wbal-tv, 11 news. >> according to the sheriff, detective will return to work as soon as he is well. >> one of the soldiers killed in a helicopter training accident killed was from maryland. he and the three other soldiers were based out of fort campbell, kentucky. they were in a blackha
the last six months to reforming our country, and most people will not recognize it. he told us he would do it, and he is. no one is paying any attention to it. if you give me the next minutes, and please, please, parcher politics aside. open up your ears and eyes and watch with a fresh perspective -- put your politics aside. if i am wrong, you are more than welcome to show me where i am missing it. i would love to be wrong on this. barack obama has revealed his game plan to transform america it in his deeds. the transformation was marketed to america as "change," and, boy, was america it eager for change. >> i will not have to worry about putting gas in my car, or worry about paying my mortgage. glenn: now, i rememberç when tt came on, and i thought to; @ boy, that woman is stupid. is she? or are we? how is that woman feeling now she continues to write your own checks to pay her own mortgage and fill up her own gas tank? i wonder if she is disappointed they are understanding that he had a different definition of change. the latest poll numbers show the number of americans who strongly
this morning about contractors i said in 2006 as director of the agency. it was about us and not contractors. my affiliation with michael chertoff was made quite public, and i do identify myself as a member of the chertoff group in any public discourse. with regard to the ig report, i will take no ownership over that. i was one of the 200 people who were interviewed. there were some people who were not interviewed, and there was another group who was interviewed but not further identified. that might reflect something the secretary said earlier, that you have people who are taking a serious risk by doing the patriotic thing. i was surprised as director of cia how much american business will put themselves at risk for no profit motive in order to assist american intelligence agencies. what you may be seen there is a version of trying to protect them from the kind of legal actions or public criticism that seems to be more prominent in recent times. cia does not live isolated inside the broader american political culture. one of our in advantages is to rely on us as a society to help us achieve
in the u.s. but the category two storm is creating high surf and strong rip currents all along the eastern seaboard. tropical storm warning is in effect for the state of massachusetts. domenica davis is tracking it all for us. >> yes, a category two and it's expected to pass several hundred miles to the east of cape cod. it's expected to make the closest path to the united states and then first thing tomorrow morning. it's sitting 400 miles south of nantucket and continue on the northeasterly trek for the next few days. it's going to be category one by sunday morning. winds go down to 85 miles an hour. right now we are looking 100 mile-an-hour winds moving off to the north at 23 miles per hour. again, by tonight that is when the ca mechb islands is going to get hit with the heaviest rain. although the winds aren't really the big concern here it's going to be the wave heights, ocean flow and rip currents. so really be the big deal up and down the east coast. here is what we're looking at dangerous surf, 12-18, 15-22 up through new england. we do have our tropical storm warnings that are in
nights on brauv pope thanks for being with us. >>> thank you for spending part of your weekend with us. don't go anywhere. latest headlines are next. have a great weekend, everyone. . -- captions by vitac -- >>> hello, everybody. from the cnn center, this is saturday, august 22nd. one of the last weekends to enjoy the fun in the sun before the kiddos go back to school. good morning. you know? anyway -- >> after all that -- >> after all that, good morning. >> all right. i'm t.j. holmes. thank you for being with us. it's 10:00 a.m. where we sit in atlanta, georgia. 7:00 a.m. out in los angeles. let's show you video you may remember. if you didn't see that this week, what does this look like? a hero's welcome. for someone who is a convicted terrorist. yes. that man. the only one convicted of terrorist attack on a plane that crashed in lockerbie, scotland. >>> former prime minister tony blair is getting heat for the man's release from prison. in fact, he talks exclusively to cnn. >> there's something about august going into september where everybody in washington gets all oui
people. poverty is created by the system that we built around us so how to change that system. and this is -- the timing was very right of this award for me because the whole world is going through the financial crisis. and inside everybody feels the system is not right but they don't know what would be the right one. and i kind ofxiç gave my views about what could be the right one. this is the one occasion that we should be paying a lot of attention to how to redesign, retool the system so that we don't follow the same way of making our life proceed. rather, we create a different structure so that we don't fall in the same ditch over and over again and make it worse over time. so this is a call that i gave. this is the deepest of the crisis, but it is the greatest opportunity. the opportunity part has to be emphasized. this is forgotten most of the time because we're so busy fixing things. it's not fixing getting back to the same old thing. it's the resigning the -- redesigning going to the next big thing. going back to the same normalcy that you're used to. so we shouldn't
figured out how to use technology across the board. i was going to jump in here. i was once told that higher education is really where innovation in terms of innovation technology starts. if they really discover it has lots of potential in different markets, it may move on to the federal government. that may go to state and local government. then it may make it into k through 12. what is the role of using technology and taking research and using it to innovate new uses for technology? >> if you look across higher education, particularly in the case of george mason, you see things going on across the board. you see it in the school of information technology and engineering, the college of science, the school of public policy. you also see it in the geography department and many others. i could spend a long time listing all of the places. innovation in terms of developing and using technology is part of what we do. in the early days of computing, almost all of the innovation in terms of the new technologies came out of universities. over the years, it became where some can of the u
there was always a guy who would stand up in front and say, the way -- we know how children learn and that used to make me crazy, just to start the conversation, i wanted to say, you know how they learn every hour of the day? do you know how every child learns? but, then he'd say they learn by doing things not by being lectured to, if someone tills things, don't absorb itted as quickly or easily or maybe not at all and i used to nod my head and said that is righted, why are you in the front of the room telling us things and i don't want to tell you things, i hope we'll discuss that as well. so i got -- i think the start of the book, really, is -- i have two kids who went through public school and before they even got, got interested in what the schools were like -- got in, i got interested in what the schools were like and, you know, got called an educational activist and that means i cared about it. not for my kids as for the whole environment of the place. and my central question, really, was, what is this about? why do we do this and send these kids to this building on one side of town and w
currents. jacqui jeras is checking it out for us in the cnn severe weather center. >> hey, don, we've seen some big changes with bill over the last 12 hours. the storm has weakened a lot but there's still some great concerns with bill and that is primarily all the people that love to go to the beach on the weekends and are dealing with some very high waves and also very dangerous rip currents. here's the latest on bill and its location, it's about 3 hundred miles away from the new england coastline and it's going to be getting closer as we head through the evening hours. its earliest approach, the closest it's going to get to the cape and nantucket, martha's vineyard is overnight tonight. so hopefully you'll be sleeping during that time. maximum sustained winds 85 miles an hour, but still much greater gusts. here's that forecast track. so looks like a good swing and a miss for the united states, however, nova scotia will likely be seeing landfall or a close glance with bill early tomorrow morning. let's talk a little bit more about some of these waves now because we've been getting reports
>> clayton: after the show go to because we will play some extra music for us here. selinski tomorrow at 7:00 am. blue chips hitting their highest level of the year. above 9500. this after home sales soar, too. existing home sales up in july for the fourth straight month. jumping more than 7%. a lot of the buying due to first-time owners rushing to grab tax credits set to expire in the fall. auto veils up as well, driven by, what else, than cash for clunkers which is overcome monday? but is this recovery for real or is it all astroturf? fake as the dems accuse the town hall protests to be. the tax credits, the clunker cash. once they are gone, will the recovery go, too? good morning, everyone, i'm brenda blackmon. this is "bulls & bears." let's get right to it. there they are. the "bulls & bears." gary b. smith, tobin smith, eric bolling along with julia fisciteli. all these games an astroturf recovery? >> that's what happens when you give away free money. when the free money stops, you have a bunch of people out there who are used to getting the check in the m
to use his emergency duct tape. legally, what, if anything, is next? analysis of jonathan turley and the "nexus of politics on terror." and surprise! she's pro-choice. michelle baughman insists you say under no certain circumstances will i give the government control over my body. all that and more now on countdown. >> i may not always get my words right. good evening from new york. democrat also are taking a hit and democrats are vas lating. signs of a senate spine emerge, the house goes soft. stenny who ier said maybe. harry reid preparing to do what progressives hollered for, cut the republicans loose and pass public health care. reid's staff says they are possibly going to use the reconciliation posture. we will not pursue reconciliation until we exhausted efforts to produce a bipartisan bill, however, patience is not unlimited. jon kyl said he does not think a single republican senator would vote for either the house bill or the one senate bill that made it out of committee so far. after michael steele dared democrats to go it alone, taunting that their reluctance to do so p
in libya. washington condemns the move. defying the millions cast their votes. >> it was a great day for us. we did it. >> carnage in iraq. at least 95 were killed and hundreds wounded in baghdad. is she or isn't she? the athlete takes us sex test. >> welcome to this week. a white house spokesman called it outrageous and disgusting. president obama himself called it a highly objectionable. libya's jubilant welcome for the man convicted of the pan am bombing stirred emotions. terminally ill, he was freed early from a scottish jail this week on compassionate grounds. two hundred seven people were killed in the bombing, two- thirds american. we have two reports. first, our correspondent reports on his release. >> the first glimpse of the terrorist dress in white, surrounded by prison officers and about to leave the scottish jail. cheers from waiting crowds awaited him, now a free man but under police escort. a convoy of vehicles escorting him to glasgow airport with security tight. he was convicted of the mass murder of 270 people, the decision to release him was taken by the justice secretary
stunning development, jenkins takes the coast guard on a high-speed chase. escaping the u.s. by speed boat. we uncover jenkins' history of violence, a pattern of abusing women. with each passing hour, we piece together a time line leading up to the murder. a stunning photo surfaces of fiore and jenkins living it up at a luxury las vegas hotel seemingly in love just before her brutal murder. we now know jenkins has a pilot license. he eluded police and county bounties and to him money is no object. where is he tonight? anyone's guess. >> we now have a warrant for the arrest of ryan alexander jenkins. >> a reality tv star on the run. >> the question was about mutilation, the fingers and teeth were removed. >> and i don't think anybody is prepared to hear that, but you can hear the gasping and the background of the family members crying. this person obviously didn't want her to be identified or identified quickly. >> police say the prime suspect is a canadian, ryan alexander jenkins. he's believed to have driven 1,000 miles to washington state. and where he could merely walk into canadian ter
in the u.s. aear to be "good," and those comments trigger a stock market rly. speaking at a conferencen jackson le, wyoming, the fedel reserve chairman gave a more upbeat forecast comred to the fes statement last week after a central bank poly meing. but bernan also warned of ritical challenges". specifically, bernan said financial firms fa "significant losse" businesses and nsumers are experiencing difficulty in tting credit, the economic recovery wille "relatively slow," a he expecta gradual recovery in unemployment. bernanke defended the acons tan by the fed during the financial cris, saying they avted an "imminent collapse" of the financial stem. joining us n with more analys, robert mcteer, former prident of the federal reserve bank of daas and currently distinguished fellow athe national center for policy analysis. nice to see yoon the program agn. >> thank you, susie, good to be with you. >> susie: is ben bernanke right about the economic outlook? >> well, i hope so. and probay. i ink there's a go chance we'll get positive g.p. number for the current quarter, primarily, though,ec
will not vote and many o us will n vot for a final use-a senate compromise without a public oion. >> this ek on "inside washinon,"ow trouble from the left on health care. is the public optionead? mnwhile, the congenial debate continues. >> why do you continue to support a nazi policy, as obama s expressed suppo this policy >> on wha planet do youpend most of ur time? >> also, afghans risked their lives to vote. as terrorist mbings escalate in iraq, thmaliki government chooses not to ask for arican lp. the nation lose t legendary newsmen, rertovak and don witt. >> the secret is to find people who could tell the sto better thanou can. captioneby the nation captioning institute >> i am looking for somebody who can tell me of theublic option inresident obama's health plan is still viab. decratic senator kent conrad says not in thsenate. >> look, the fact the matter that there are n the votes in the united states senate for the public option, they're never have been, so to continue to chase that rabbit i think it's just a wasted effort >> after sayinthat the rabbit woulprobabl
of rain and possible flooding. good evening, and thanks for joining us. i'm adam may. weather is the big story. we have lots of it to tell you about. tonight hurricane bill is threatening the east coast, ocean city and rehoboth beach closed due to surf conditions, waves felt from here in maryland and also down that in bermuda. we have complete first warning weather coverage. let's begin with meteorologist bernadette woods tracking all the storms, not just bill. there is a lot of other action. >> we are going to start out with flooding threats in our area immediately . i want to show you first warn doppler radar what we have going on very heavy rain moving into the state. and you can see it's pivoting around a point in here so all of these bands of bright red are moving up from the southeast. they are swinging in from the eastern shore and under the bands over an inch of rain per hour and because of that not only a flash flood watch which is in effect for almost all of our area through late tonight, we have flash flood warnings in effect for caroline county. you can see the very intense r
a lot of your books and as a matter of fact use the one that introduced me to your books and i am in all of you. >> host: who is on the cover, ms. walker? >> guest: i don't know who that is. she could be all of us. >> host: next call, patagonia arizona. >> caller: hello, ms. walker. hello? amaya there? hello? >> guest: you are here, hello. >> caller: you look exactly as you were 20 years ago when i saw you. i know you live the good life. >> guest: thank you. >> caller: i am 62 years. i was born in the philippines. your books have always made me cry. i just want to tell you that you gi me hope on this planet that somehow. >> host: caller, why do alice walker's books make you cry? >> caller: because there's so truthful and because i wish more people would read them, unfortunately some people -- some people are too poor to read or they are looking for their next day's food to eat. >> host: thank you caller. >> guest: here is a kiss on both cheeks and tears are fine. they are just cleaning the windows. could you have any idea how many books you have sold? >> guest: 10 million a thing, someth
component of a broader plan. so, let's just talk -- let's just use the example of making sure that insurance companies are treating their customers right. one way that we're doing this in this health reform bill is very directly through insurance reforms. we're saying to them, you have to take people with pre-existing conditions, you cannot have caps on lifetime expenses or yearly expenses that people bump up against and suddenly have to pull out a lot of money out of pocket that they may not have, so we're putting in place a whole bunch of insurance reforms that regulate the behavior of the insurance companies. now, alongside that, if there's a public option that is also offering a good deal to consumers, then the insurance companies have to look over their shoulder and say gosh, if the public option is providing that good of a deal to consumers, then maybe we can't just charge exorbitant rates and mistreat our consumers. so it gives them a benchmark from which to operate. now, my point is, this is sort of like the belt and suspenders concept to keep up your pants. the insurance reforms are
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